2nd Day with the Bird

Well, It’s a new day. I went and got a good battery charger, then one with starting amps. Well the bird would turn over then stop again. Something isn’t right. Maybe that bad negative battery cable is the blame. Let’s cut the end off and get that end on there better.

Well now that was the ticket. Bad ground is bad for the car. Car is starting good now. Running better too.

I changed the oil, which was a pain. Oil filter on so tight I could not get it off. Had to drive it off, Oil is every where. Did I mention the oil dip stick does not record correctly. Before I changed it, I kept adding two.. three.. four quarts. “What the heck.” It can’t be that low. So I had to change it and count how many quarts I put in. This has to be fixed.

I’m afraid to move it out of the garage now. It might quite running. It does seem fine now. But don’t want to have to find help to push it in the garage again. Hummm. what to do.