400 / AC Radiator Core Support Rubber Seal


To install the rubber seals you have three holes in the seal. You will use a butterfly style clip in these. The closest I could find to the original clip are the soft seal 5075 clip available here  

When you hold the seals up vertical you will have a wide end and narrow end. The narrow goes on top and the wide on bottom. The cut out forms around the bottom bumper support.

You will see a hole in the vertical bumper brace at the top and one at the bottom that the clip will plug into. The last hole will plug into the lower baffle that are on the 400 / AC cars. Not the lower valance but the baffle. You will see two hole there that lines up to connect the seal too. I do not have my lower baffle on yet in the photos.

03/13/2014 update:

I installed the lower baffle and finish attaching the radiator seals to the baffle. I add photos to the gallery.

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