Clutch Linkage

4 Speed Manual Clutch Linkage Parts for V8

Clutch Rod – GM #3939116

The correct push rod is GM# 3939116 and the closest reproduction can be found here which is 7 3/8″ long. Push Rod. The Rod is  3/8″-16 threads and needs a nut, swivel and G clip.

Clutch Release Swivel – GM # 3840845

The Correct Clutch Release Swivel GM#3840845 and is available here Swivel

Retainer Clip “G” – GM part # 3749084

The correct retainer clip is GM#3749084 put a good reproduction can be found here Clip

Return Spring – GM # 3899021

The correct spring is GM# 3899021 and a good reproduction of the spring can be found here Spring

Clutch Return Spring Extension – GM #9785884

The correct Clutch Return Spring Extension is GM #9785884 and I have made a good reproduction of the extension rod and is available for purchase here Extension Rod

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