Engine Detail

Well it has been almost a month since I posted something. This past month has flown by. We spent a week at Myrtle Beach and we have been attending a lot of events this month.

I have been doing a little work on the engine. I have been trying to get all the accessories on and get everything I can connected before driving it to Princeton to mate it up with the body.

I was able to mount it on the frame. IMG_2182I got the clutch, bell housing and transmission on. I got the power steering, alternator, fan and belts all on.

I ran into a few issues. The power steering and alternator bracket had to be replaced due to a broken bolt hole. The zbar engine ball stud was to short. IMG_2220Someone replaced it with a Camaro one. But we finally moved through those issues and have it about all together.

Here are some details on the paint I choose for the engine compartment.

I used Bill Hirsch Auto Paint in the Pontiac Metallic Blue for the block. I used Eastwoods Spray Gray on the cast parts. The Semi-Gloss black pulleys and brackets were powdered coated. The air cleaner and heater box was Gloss Black. The Brake Booster and filler cap was Zinc Dichromate plated.   I used Eastwood Zinc Phosphate on hinges and latch. Eastwood silver cad was used on alternator fan, breather tube and vacuum advance. Eastwood aluma blast was used on fan spacer and distributer.