Engine Rebuild

I have been trying to decide if I should bite the bullet and go ahead with a engine rebuild and detail now or wait till later. Since it was already out of the car, I thought it would be crazy not to. After tearing down the motor, I’m glad we decided to though.

As soon as I pulled the valve cover off I saw a push rod down new the lifters. Luckily it had not made it’s way to the crank. Several lifters were shot and the several of the crank lobes were wore down. The bottom half of the engine seemed fine but not the top half.

So I decided to start searching for a correct 68 casting block to use for a rebuild. I know that I will never find a WQ stamped block however I’m still looking. I did find a 68 block for a GTO HO that had never been bored. I got it at a pretty good price. I also was trying to find the correct casting and dated heads. Luckily I have found most of the parts we need including the intake, alt, timing cover, and pullies.


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