Engine Shop

I toured Terry Walters Engine shop yesterday. His shop has my 68 Pontiac 400 motor and is the shop that is doing the engine rebuild. I had disassembled the motor prior to taking it up to Terry Walter’s shop, just to get a little experience disassembling the motor. Terry laughed when I asked if I would save any money when I disassembled it. He said “it may cost me more”. Terry is such a great guy. He is very personnable with his customers and runs a very professional shop. I highly recommend him. Check out this video at his shop.

I went to the shop today to check out the progress of the engine, Terry had completed IMG_1993compression specifications and most of the machining was complete. He had already balanced the engine and all the engine parts had came in. We are about ready to begine assembly.



My 16 heads are 10.75 compression heads so we are dishing the pistons to get the047 compression around 9.2. In order for a musclecar engine to perform well in today’s “real world” environment, the compression ratio must be reduced, usually by 1-1 1/2 points. Musclecar engines were all produced with an advertised ratio of at least 10.25:1. Some were as high as 10.75:1. Because IMG_1989Pontiac used the volume of the combustion chamber, and not the piston head, to control the static compression ratio, a problem exists when  attempting to do a “numbers match” restoration.


We went with a Comp Cam XE262H. We upgrade the timing set to a modern “true roller” design. The oil pump is upgraded high volume pump.

IMG_1986The pistons are Federal Mogul “Power Forged” (TRW).30 over. On the left, you can see the dish cut in the piston.

IMG_1990The crank has been cut and ballanced but still needs polished.                                     IMG_1991 IMG_1992  IMG_1994 IMG_1995 IMG_1996 IMG_1997 IMG_1998