More Rally II Wheel Drama

After having my wheels blasted, painted and new tires mounted and balanced, I found out this week that they will not work. I knew my wheels did not have the correct codes but they were 14×6 rally II wheels which should be the same, right?

It does not look that way. I put on my trim ring this week to see how the wheels are going to trim out and noticed the 68 trim ring does not fit correctly with these wheels.

The rim seems to have a different off set and the inside trim ring edge does not set flush with the rim.  It is about 1/2 – 1″ off and looks terrible. It almost looks like I have 14×6 trim ring on a 14×7 wheel.

I ended up having to buy a set of correct JC wheels this week because these will not work. Now waiting for them to come in so I can get them swapped out.

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