Muncie M20 Transmission Continued

The transmission shop repaired the transmission.  He also found that the rear main shaft bearing had some excessive play. We replaced it as well as two new slider hub assembles. We also change the detent spring to a heavy duty spring with new detents arms.

After getting the transmission back and installing it in the car, I found out the lower left transmission ole in bell housing was stripped. I had to remove it again so I could fix the housing.

After finally getting the transmission fixed and back in the car, I got to test it out. This was the first time driving the car were it would not pop out of gear coasting down a hill. The shifting felt more positive and tighter to. I think this was worth while and needed fix.

Now on to the next project….After being under the car I found my master cylinder leaking. Also the zBar was bent and the clutch pedal rod boot was torn.



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