My 68 Firebird find.

Welcome to my site detailing the restoration of my 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 HO Conv. I purchased the car from Booneville, NC. The car was originally purchased in West Virginia were it spent most of it’s years. For the last 7 years it was parked in Booneville and rarely ever getting driven and housed up in a barn garage.

I found the car advertised on Craigslist. It was listed as a 68 Pontiac Firebird. In the listing it showed a picture of the car and I saw it was a convertible with the 400 hood.

After driving down to look at the car, I spent a couple of hours inspecting the car and talking to the owner. I was trying to determine it this was truly a 400 car even though it seemed to have all the badges.  The owner was unable to provide much help to the history and origin of the car. I was able to determine the cars engine had been swapped out with a big body 400 engine and instead of the 16 heads it had 48’s. The engine ran but real sounded like it had a big cam. Idle was rough. No smoke. I don’t think a test drive is possible but did not ask.

I knew there had been a little sheet metal work done to the floor and the front end had been disassembled because the bumper and fenders seemed a little loose and some bolts missing.

I was a little nervous with purchasing the car right away and wanted to think about it a little. I recorded the vin and headed home.

After a couple days thinking about the purchase, I decided to send off for the PHS documents where I found out the Firebird was a true 400 HO car with the factory 4 speed Muncie transmission. It came with power brakes, power steering and power top. I know it will be expensive to put the car back to a number 1 car, but I’m going to try.

IMG_0894 IMG_0895 IMG_0896 IMG_0068