My first day with the firebird

Well today I wanted to tinker with the firebird a little. I decided to drive it up our private community road just to see what happens.

I got it started and drove it a little. Still rough, Man this thing is loud! They have headers and 3″ pipes on her. Super loud.

I guess I did not get out of 2 gear. I spun a little wheel to see what the rear end did. No issues there. The car bottom out it sounded like on a couple little bumps. ” wonder what that was”

Got it back in the drive way, tinkered with the timing a little. Starting it seemed to get harder as it warmed up. hey, ” what is that metal screeching noise” hum it stopped. What the heck was that. Starting to get real hard to start and I saw smoke coming from the battery wire. ” What is that” Smoke from Starter “What the Hell”

Wont turn over now, must need a new starter, Maybe the new battery needs charged. Off to the auto parts store looking for starter. I finally found one and get it installed. Still it did not turn over. Hook up charger and it turned over a little then quite. Tinkered for a  couple more hours and called in the neighbors to help me push it in the garage.

Oh well….. ” crappy charger” wont charge a thing. “I thought”