New Flywheel and Clutch

So after burning up the flywheel the first summer because of the 2.73 rear gear that someone installed. I decided to go ahead and tackle that job this season. I had purchased all the parts last year but was to lazy to change them out. So this year I’m getting it done.

I started of getting the car up on blocks. and removing the driveshaft. Pulled the transmission to get to the bell housing. Not a bad job up until the top two bolts of the bell housing. They were a little tight to get to and taking those bolts out was a little slower. I get them from the top behind the motor.

Once off, I was able to access the pressure plate and flywheel. As I assessed the condition of the components, everything looked good except the flywheel burned and clutch disk glazed. Maybe the pressure plate had a couple hot spots but not bad.

The flywheels and pressure plates all went to Terry Walters to have matching balance on them. This took about a week to get back.

I choose a new fly wheel over resurfacing it because I did not know how many times it had been resurfaced. Also there where some small heat cracks in it. Nothing major, but was just afraid that the hot spots may return.

I decided on the Hays 13-130 and I choose to upgrade the clutch from a RAM Premium setup to the RAM HDX performance set up which has 30% more clamp pressure and the disk feature 8 springs hub assemble for extra load.

After ensuring my pilot bearing was still good and staking it in the crank, I mounted the flywheel to check fit on the starter. Wow, it was a lot tighter then the stock flywheel. I ended up shimming the starter out using 2-1/16 shims. I then used blue thread lock and evenly tightened the screws to seat them. Then using a star patterned, I torqued the screws evening 40-80-100.

I then cleaned the flywheel and pressure plate real good with break cleaner. I then cleaned it 10 more times. I installed the clutch disk and pressure plate using the clutch alignment tool and evening tightened the pressure plate bolts on until they were seated. I then torqued the bolts 10-20-30 using blue thread lock.

I decided to look into some troubles I was having with the transmission. I will start a new tread on it and leave this one with everything bolted and ready for the transmission.


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