New Harrison Radiator Update

The car season is starting off with some maintenance this year. A lot of little things that I have been wanting to get done but to lazy to tear start pulling parts again and the rebuild. However this year I’m dedicated to get some items done.

First off I wanted to update on the new Harrison Radiator that I purchased in September. On a Nice warm day in March, I was able to clean up the new radiator and spray some nice Radiator Liquor Black paint on it.

I scrubbed the radiator brackets with Eastwood Fast Etch to removes any surface rust that had accumulated. It lease a nice Zinc Phosphate coating to help prevent rust in the future.

I primed the brackets and used Eastwood Radiator Black satin Finish on it which turned out a nice satin finish on it.

I was wondering how I should attach the Radiator tags and hose clip. I thought about taking to a shop to have soldiered onto the tanks. But then I did not want to accidently cause a leak from the heat. So I opted to use a little JP Weld to secure it. It would great.

I installed the Radiator in the car and the fit and finish was great. The shroud fit perfect. It was tight and straight. Quite happy with it.


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