Pontiac 400 engine dyno test

Terry Walter’s put my Pontiac 400 HO engine on the dyno stand this week. _MG_7837The first run with my Quadrojet carburetor did fair but after the first run things went down hill. After the hood was placed on top of the carburetor, the engine was running very erratic and choppy with the dyno numbers falling bad.

The symptoms where showing signs of an ignition miss. So Mr Walter’s spend several hours changing out ignition items with no luck. He ran mutable runs on the dyno that he normally would not have had to. They finally decided to try a different carburetor and _MG_7835that did the trick. They tried two different carburetors they had on hand and both produced about the same numbers.

I was quite pleased with the way the engine ran and how it sounded. Mr Walters is ordering me a new carburetor to get the engine in a tuned state before handing it over to me. _MG_7833He was willing to tie up his dyno and leave mine on while waiting for the new carburetor to come in. He has been such a great person to deal with and he knows his engines.


Here is a video of the last run.