Project update

This weekend I went to Princeton to work on the car. I was able to get a lots of things done as well as getting to see the bottom side of the car painted.IMG_2074

I worked on the rear end while I was there and got it ready to install it when we take it off the rotisserie.

IMG_2072I changed the gear oil, checked all the bearing including the axle shaft bearings. It looks like someone had put in some new bearing sometime in it life. IMG_2092There were sealed bearing installed and I don’t think that was original. I think they originally had a bearing and race. They all seemed good and there was no back lash in the rear end. I put on a new rear cover seal and added new gear oil and limited slip additive.IMG_2087

I installed the leaf springs, all new brake shoes and hardware.  We should be ready to roll it under the car when we are ready for it.

I tried installing new universal joints in the drive shaft and ran into an issue. It appears the drive shaft might have been swapped out with a beefier driveshaft. The original drive shaft required 1310 3.219 1.062 All 4 caps. my drive shaft is requiring a 1330 3.622 1.062 All 4 caps. The rear yoke requires the original 1310 u-joint. So I had to stop and come home with the drive shaft hoping I can find one to work. After long day searching Sunday, I was able to find the Neapco 3-3130 and it appears it will work. I have to re press the correct u-joints the next trip to Princeton.