Subframe and Suspension

I got a call from my dad last night, he said my uncle should have the bottom of the bird painted this week and would like me to bring my subframe and suspension down so we can bolt it up this weekend.

IMG_2009The suspension is ready to be bolted in but I do not know if I’m ready to let it go. I’ve had it here for almost 6 months and a lot of sweat pored over it. I’m having a little anxiety thinking about taking it to Princeton this weekend.



IMG_2014I was really hoping to have it here when the engine builder was finished with my engine. I was going to use the subframe to transport the motor but it does not look like it that will happen. The engine builder called me this morning and they had found the fuel pump eccentric had broken and I had to order a new one. It will be a few days getting here. I order the part from RAM AIR Restorations where they make them out of case harden steel. It should last a lifetime.

It will be nice seeing the bird bottom nice, clean and painted. Can’t wait to see it.