Trip to the engine shop

I went to the engine shop yesterday to drop off a part and check on the status of the engine. IMG_2102They have assembled most of it but ran into some more bad news. I need a valley pan now, which is very hard to find these days and the only company that make a new one closed it’s doors a few months ago.

IMG_2100There is good news though, there is going to be a new owner of the Tomahawk product line. I contacted Tim Corcoran and he is expecting the valley pans by Friday. I sure hope they come. I would really like to put a new one on. I’ve found a couple used ones that appear better then the one I have. So I’ll keep a eye on them too. IMG_2103

I really would like to have seen the motor done in a week or two but now it will not look like that will happen.

Look how nice the casting was cleaned up down in the valley. Before there was a lot of extra casting that I saw.