Zbar, Clutch rod boot and Master Cylinder

While working on the clutch I noticed the Zbar lower arm was bent real bad. I decided to buy a better Zbar and replace mine. Found a good OEM on ebay.

I also noticed the clutch rod boot was cracked bad after three years. I decided to replace with a NOS hoping that the rubber would last longer. To get to the bolts I had to remove the Zbar to get to the lower right and I removed the master cylinder to get to the upper left. Both hex screws needing 1/4 socket, extension and driver.

I had to remove the master cylinder also due to a leak. I rebuilt it 3 years ago and I guess the rubber gave out. I decided to send it this time to White Post Restorations. http://whitepost.com/ They put in a new brass sleeve and rebuilt it with a lifetime warrantee. Time frame is a few days after receiving it.

I hope to get it back and together before the Pontiac in Pigeon Forge Car Show! Coming up soon.


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